Sciatic nerve repair

Sciatic nerve repair damaged nerve Nerves can be damaged due to stretching or crushing because of a broken bone or cut from accidents with knives or saws. Not all nerve damage is permanent and some damaged nerves require only time to heal. For example, when your leg “falls asleep” due to nerves being compressed, simply changing position will result in rapid recovery. More serious injury requires assessment and treatment by a physician. Many people worry about the process of nerve damage repair. Nerve damage, also called peripheral neuropathy, refers to the condition where the nerves branching out from the spinal cord are affected by disease, pressure or trauma. These nerves play a crucial part in transmitting information to and from the brain. Nerve damage by and large affects the nerves that coordinate information between the brain and a muscle and so its symptoms include numbness, tingling, spasms, weakness and pain.  While people of all age groups, both genders and all races are afflicted by nerve damage, diabetics are seen as having a slightly higher risk factor than the average population.
  • Rest: When you are suffering from nerve damage, then the first thing required is maximum amount of rest. This will heal up the wound caused to the nerve and help in the faster recovery from the damage. It is also going to prevent any further damage to the nerve. 
  • Medicines: In order to give relief to the nerve pain associated with the damage, doctors prescribe tricyclic antidepressants medicines. Other medicines that are prescribed to minimize the pain are some pain relieving medicines and anti-seizure medicines. 
  • Surgery: When an irreversible damage has been caused to the nerve by some injuries then surgery is the only option left for nerve damage repair. It may involve reconnection of the disconnected end of the nerves or use of donor nerve to repair the damaged nerve using grafting techniques. 
  • Treatment for the Underlying Cause: Controlling blood sugar is a must for diabetic patients. Try to keep the glucose levels in between 80 and 120 in order to reduce the symptoms of nerve damage. This can be achieved with a low glucose diabetic diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and taking medicines on time. If it is caused due to certain medicines then doctors change the drugs which is affecting the nerve. In case of nutritional deficiency, a healthy, balanced diet is recommended by the doctor. 
  • Alternative Forms of Treatment: Physical therapy is an excellent alternative method of treating the damaged nerve. It strengthens the muscles and helps in restoration of coordination in the patients. Those who have undergone surgery for nerve damage repair, physical therapy is recommended for them as well for their rehabilitation. Acupuncture is another treatment which has worked wonders on some patients. Many patients have shown marked improvement in their nerve sensation after the treatment.Sometimes nerve damage is the result of some other physiological problem and in those cases, the underlying problem will need to be addressed before the nerve damage repair can happen.

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